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SONS OF THE BEACH STUFF We are the proud dealer for SMITH SPORT OPTICS, GRAVITY, PALISADES, VISION & SIMS LONGBOARDS, AND POWERBAR NUTRITION PRODUCTS. We cannot show every model and style of all these products because of the frequent changes in stock. We can display a sampling of what we carry. Please visit our store or call to confirm any particular model that you are looking for.

Long Boards
Palisades Blue Crush Drop
Palisades Work Hog Drop
Palisades Cobra Complete
Landyachtz Drop Carve 40
Landyachtz Switch 40
39" Carve
27" Mini
42" Mini Carve
45" Spoon Nose
33 Bertlemann Pro
47" Hyper Carve

Smith Sunglasses
Factor Max
Prophet Interlock