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Asphalt Beach is all about Speedskating I mean, that's what I do, after all. We are authorized dealer for Bont, Luigino, Powerslide, Cado Motus, Twincam, Bones, Matter,  Atom Wheels, MPC, and more. We can do custom boot molding for Bont skates, and heat molding for any other brands. Our stock and size availability varies almost daily, so call me about what you want or need. I'm sure we can help you.

Speed Skates
Bont Cheetah
Luigino Bolt
Luigino Challange Ultra
Rollerblade GTR 110
Powerslide Vi 3 x 125 MM
Powerslide Icon Jr.
Bont Vaypor 3-Point
Bont Jet -3 Point
Bont Semi-Race
Bont Alpha
Luigino Challenge
Luigino Challenge Jr.

Training & Marathon
Rollerblade Tempest 110
Rollerblade GTM 110
K2 Radical X BOA
Rollerblade Tempest 100
Rollerblade GTM 100
Fila M100
Fila FM100
K2 Radical Pro
K2 Radical 100